LUKEVENT is a prestigious agency for high-quality leisure travel. Many years of experience in the event and leisure travel industry, international contacts and a well-conceived service package constitute the basis and success of our work. We will link unique ideas for you, arrange the complete logistics and support your project right up to the crowning conclusion. Professionally and reliably! We organise enthusiasm, and we will gladly enthuse you. Discover us. Our goal is to always fulfil everything we promise our clients. We cordially invite you to take us at our word!

We are a special team. The same values apply to us all: Our work must be creative. Our solutions must be efficient. We must be reliable. There is no anonymity, where one hand does not know what the other is doing. We are headstrong and perturbing because we identify “common” with “boring”. We are surprising and individual because anything else would just cost you money. We are very well organised and competent because we consider chaos and half-knowledge to be excuses. And we are spontaneous, tangible and sensitive because we are human, above all.

“Small things make perfection but perfection is no small thing.” Sir Henry Royce (1863-1933)